Most multiplayer games have common in-game currencies like Radianite Points. Valorant has had two separate in-game currencies for various purposes since its creation. The Valorant Smurf Accounts will tell you everything about the points:

  • Valuable points (VP)
  • Point of radiance (RP)

During the game, the VP is used to purchase cosmetic products or to acquire RP periodically. RP as the in-game currency in Valorant, however, is to upgrade the skin of certain weapons. However, Riot Games did not check an enormous price problem that penetrates the RP distribution mechanism.

What are Radianite Points?

Radianite Points (RPs) are alternate in-game money for players to use in the world to come. So, where do RPs utilize Valorant Points (VPs) to buy nearly anything in the game?

You will get a bit of cash via Radiante Points on top of your skins.

RPs are described as “used to develop particular weapons and other forms of game content.” It is not possible to use them to buy skins or to buy Agents with them. So what are you able to buy from them?

RPs can enhance your weapons as they stand. As they stand. These upgrades will not strengthen your weapons, but provide extra flavor to select skins you purchase.

RPs are the only method to develop your weapon skin from arms animations to skin variants. How are you gaining them, then?

Purpose of RP in Valorant

For the happiness of clients, i.e. the gamers who play the game, the Radiante Points system is available. The only aim is to upgrade the skin level of a given weapon to make it seem better than before.

Different skin versions are available in the game. Only by expending RP can you unlock every form. For instance, as seen below, there are four variations of Prime Vandal:

Basic Prime Vandal skin
Prime Vandal Variant unlocked at level 5
Prime Vandal Variant unlocked at level 6
Prime Vandal Variant unlocked at level 7

To reach the finish level, a total of 135 RP would be required without a rolling back option.

How do you get Radianite Points?

By buying it or unblocking it with your Battle Pass, you gain Radianite points. The cost of purchasing them with VPS can be found below:

  • 20 Radianite Points = 1,600 Valorant Points, around $15.
  • 40 Radianite Points = 2,800 Valorant Points around $25.
  • 80 Radianite Points = 4,800 Valorant Points around $45.

These are easily reachable by using the contracting activity via the Battle Pass. On completion, Battle Pass 4 and 9 will additionally provide 20 more radiation points.

What Can You Spend Radianite Points On?

Although radiation points cannot be used for the purchase of agents or levels, they can enhance skins and buy many other materials, such as animations and aesthetic effects.

How to farm Radianite points?

Farming Radianite arguments are simple and uncomplicated. It’s time demanding as well, however. Currently, the Radianite farm in the closed beta is just two ways to play.

The cost-free way to gain Radianite points is through playing and earning them from the fight. If players work hard enough and pass the fourth and ninth levels of the combat, after completion they will receive an additional 20 points on the Radianite. The other way to gain points is to purchase them with Valorant or VP, which is the premium currency in the game. Players can purchase 20 Radianite points with a 1,600 VP expense. If the players are looking for this approach, they should now save it, as the cost of the VP is 2,000 per 20 Radianite points at the start of the game.

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