[EU] Valorant High Tier Acccount | Valorant Account With Skins | All ACTS Played | [] [INSTANT DELIVERY]


Platinum Rank Ready Valorant Account [EU REGION] Have the following features:

  • -Region: EU Region (Europe)
  • -Valorant Rank: GOLD - PLATINUM
    -All Agents Unlocked
  • -Unrated Wins: 10
  • -Competitive Matches Played: 100++
  • -Characters Unlocked: All
    - Bundles Purchased:
    - Glitchpop 2.0 Bundle Complete (All Guns Maxed Out) - Prime Bundle Complete (Classic, Spectre, Vandal, Melee Maxed Out) - Rush Phantom & Rush Bulldog - Winterwunderland Bundle Complete - Prism Bundle Complete - Reaver Bundle Complete (Operator, Vandal, Sheriff, Melee maxed out) - Elderflame Bundle Complete (all guns maxed out) - G.U.N. (Operator Maxed Out) - Ion Bundle Complete (Operator, Phantom, Sheriff, Melee maxed out) - Oni Phantom & Oni Melee (Maxed Out) - Celestial Phantom, Celestial Gun Buddy & Card - Galleria Phantom - Sovereign Ghost Maxed Out & Player Card - Ego Vandal Maxed Out - Sakura Vandal - Aristocrat Sheriff - Singularity Sheriff
  • -Two Factor Authenticator: off
  • -Competitive Cooldown / Bans: None
  • -Account Status: Clean
  • -No Hacks or Third-party software used
  • -Games: Valorant
  • -Delivery Status:
  • -Your account will be delivered instantly to your Email address after successful Payment.

Package Details:

  • RIOT ID:

Original Email Account will be given with full access

EU Region (Europe)

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