From the 1.02 release, Valorant has a total of 14 agents with further upgrades to follow. Once you have concluded the initial contract, your first two agents are free. Completing the contract also opens up other agent contracts and grants you the first five levels for agents that you picked in the initial contract free of charge.

It becomes a bit tough after that.

One thing you have to remember is that a locked agent is a necessary choice to reach level 5 to unlock them. 

Here are the methods to unlock agents in valorant:

Method 1 – Payment to unlocked agents in Valorant

You may purchase your way through the list the first and easiest way. You may easily buy the agents that you desire, without needless grinding if you are ready to invest real money. However, the ultimate price is not inexpensive like other microtransactions for this sort of game:

Level 1-5 = 1000 Valorant points 

To release its contract levels, you would spend about 10 dollars for each agent.

Method 2 – Grind XP

You may always unlock agents by merely finishing contracts when you’re a bit cheap or do not trust “Pay-to-Play” It’s a long demanding procedure, but at the end, without investing a penny, you have your agency.

See how you can start:

  1. From the Main Menu go to “COLLECTION.”
  2. Select “Agents” for locking and unlocking all accessible agents.
  3. Select the agent under your avatar that you want to unlock and hit “ACTIVATE” button.
  4. Select the “VIEW CONTRACT” at the lower right corner.

You should see the contract for the locked agent after completing the procedures above. A total of 10 levels may be unlocked by accumulating XP for each agent in Level 5 when playing.

Concentrate on accomplishing everyday challenges since they offer an XP boost to release agents. Be aware, though, that certain tasks are timely, so try completing the first ones to take all of the XP you can before you are locked out.

To finish the Tier 1 contract for an agent, you will need about 25.000 XP with an additional 25,000 points per level up.

Your XP might look like this for one Level 5 agent:

Tier 1 = 25,000 XP

Tier 2 = 50,000 XP 

Tier 3 = 75,000 XP 

Tier 4 = 100,000 XP 

Tier 5 = 125,000 XP 

Combine all the experiences necessary for 375,000 XP per agent in total.

How to Quickly Unlock All Valorant Agents

All agents in Valorant are paid out of the pocket the quickest method to access it. However, at the time of printing, there are 14 agents available, with more on the way.

You will have to play the game if you don’t want to spend $120 to release the agents, except you two get for free.

Unlock agents rely on the XP game you collect. If your agents are to be unlocked rapidly, strive to take up every available daily challenge and prepare ready for longer grinding sessions. Keep in mind, that seldom does an XP of more than 5,000 XP each game from ordinary missions, therefore you have to combine these with challenges so that each session gets its full advantage.

How to Get Free Access to All Agents in Valorant

You must spend some time playing the game if you don’t want to spend money on the unlocking of all the Valorant Agents.

For each character to unlock, you need 375,000 experience points. You may accomplish this by playing normally and by fulfilling daily challenges.

How to Unlock Your First Two Agents in Valorant

You just have to complete the Introductory Contract to release your first two agents. It takes a bit more labor to collect them beyond that point.


You don’t have to spend real cash on Valorant to get the best agents. While money can buy you anything, you can unlock them through normal gameplay as well.

The best way to do it is a combination of normal grinding and challenges. Be ready for long sessions and put your best gaming foot forward!

For more tips and news about Valorant and others, make sure to check out the Valorant Smurf Accounts regularly!

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