Valorant’s competitive ranked mode is designed for those that wish to take their gaming seriously. Here’s how to go up the ranks and climb the corporate ladder.

Riot has gradually introduced new features and upgrades to Valorant since its initial release, in order to keep the game going in the correct way. One of these additions is a long-awaited ranked/competitive mode for individuals who want to go serious, climb a ladder, and prove that they’re the best among their friends.

How do I rank up?

To advance in Valorant, you must win games. It’s as easy as that. You won’t be able to climb if you’re not winning. Even if you have a terrible game, if you win, you will get ranking points. Simply said, losses and poor performances will lower your rank – losing streaks will significantly lower your rank – but victories will always help you climb the ranks.

The graphic above shows the eight levels of rank, each divided into three tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant.

The most essential aspect in increasing rank is winning games, and if you perform extremely well, your rank will rise faster. As you may anticipate, losing matches and doing poorly will result in a drop in rank.

Personal performance will have a bigger influence early on, but this will diminish in relevance as time goes on as compared to wins. Furthermore, competition evaluates how “decisively” you win or lose, so if you play well and crush the team, the game will recognize and award you!

Have you attained the rank of Valorant? The only element that will be assessed is winning and how decisive your games are won or lost.

Is there a points system?

There’s very definitely a secret MMR/ELO system that matches you with other players of comparable skill levels. If you win, this will go up; if you lose, it will go down. Currently, after you finish a match, you will have no idea where you fall on this scale. There’s no spectacular points animation or ladder to climb – you simply check your rank beneath your name and hope you’ve gone up one, kept the same, or slipped down.

Expect to rise if you win many games in a row with great performances. As you can guess, if you start losing a lot of people, you’ll likely fall.

What happens if I don’t play ranked for a while?

Inactivity in a rank will be tracked. If you do not participate in a competitive match within 14 days, your account will be marked as “inactive” and your rating will be concealed. It will be available again after your first match back in ranked. Riot will not degrade your rank; instead, it will just hide it until you return, so don’t worry if you are on vacation for a bit – you won’t suddenly jump from Diamond to Platinum.

What’s the future of ranked look like?

The major topic of discussion in Riot’s first post on ranked is advancement. It is now experimenting with ways to “add an aspect of persistent rank advancement that recognizes your competitive successes for all levels beyond simply the match rank display.”

It will also be fascinating to see if there will be a separate competitive ruleset, similar to League of Legends or CS: GO. Is there going to be a map pool? Will each match begin with a pick and ban phase? We can’t wait to find out.

Finally, we anticipate that there will be cosmetic prizes for finishing in specific levels at the conclusion of a season. There will be special agent skins, weapon skins, and more.


That comes to an end for this article, if you found your answer, best of luck, and be sure to check out our Valorant Smurf Accounts. If you are still not able to solve your issue feel free to leave a comment so I can help to the best of my ability. See ya next time 🙂

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